What's Different about Irish Grid Reference Finder

Most other mapping sites only give the global WGS84 longitude and latitudes and not the Irish Grid Reference. By right-clicking on the Irish Grid Reference Finder map you can get the full Grid Reference - nice and easy!

How do I find a UK OS Grid Reference (instead of the Irish Grid Reference)

Use our sister site UK Grid Reference Finder

How Do I Link to A Point on the Map

You can use the following URL and options

An X Y location e.g. :-

A Grid Reference e.g. :-
http://gridreferencefinder.com/index.php?gr=O 16102 34569

A Post Code (Northern Ireland) e.g. :-
http://gridreferencefinder.com/index.php?pc=NE8 1HH

An Address Location e.g. :-
http://gridreferencefinder.com/index.php?pc=Merrion Street Upper, Dublin

A Latitude and Longitude e.g. :-

Add a Window Title by adding &t=title to the url e.g. :-
http://gridreferencefinder.com/index.php?lt=51.505505&lg=-0.07533989&v=b&t=tower bridge

How Do I Get a Link for All My Points on the Map

Place your points on the map, then press the "Link for All Points" at the bottom of the map, you can then copy (press Ctrl-c) the text displayed to save the URL link for all the points to the clipboard.

How Do I Save All My Points to Excel

Place your points on the map, then press the "Export Points to Excel" at the bottom of the map, you can now copy (press Ctrl-c) the text displayed an copy it in to Excel to store all the location details for that point as well as a URL link.

How Do I Convert between Lat/Long (WGS84), Grid Reference and X,Y Coordinates

Search for your point using the coordinates that you have (use the search facility on the left of the main page), a point (pin) will be placed on the map for the point you searched for, it will give all 3 coordinate types when you hover your cursor over the pin - the conversion has been done for you!.

Can I Link to Your Site from Mine or Use It Our Literature etc.

Yes. Please do. Providing it is freely available to the public and you do not intentionally obscure the ads on our site, there is no charge, fees or licenses required.

How Do I Calculate The Bearing and Distance Between Two Points

Click on the "Measure and Drawing Tool" at the top right of the map. Right or left click on the map for the first point (right clicking leaves a grid reference pin, left clicking just draws a line), click on another point on the map for the second point then stop drawing by pressing "Esc" or pressing the "Stop Drawing" button in the measurement and drawing tool dialog panel. The section length will give the distance and bearing (angle in degrees) between the two points.

How Do I Display an Aerial or Bird's Eye View Map

Click on the appropriate option at the top left of the map.

Can I Default the Grid Reference to a Different Accuracy (number of figures)

Yes! You can add a parameter 'f' to the site URL to default the number of figures to use for the grid reference.

The default accuracy is 5 figures e.g. NZ 12345 12345, you can select a number between 1 and 5

For example, change to 3 figure grid reference e.g. NZ 123 123 :-